Giotto Monza

Giotto Monza

Automatic extractor designed for standardize blood component production with efficient workflows, safety and minimum waste production.

Main features

5 clamps at the heart of the extration process

Giotto Monza clamps have three functions: engaging or inhibiting flow among bags, sealing tubes at the end of the process and provide clear feedback.

Each clamp has a double optical sensor detecting the presence of fluids and correct positioning of the tube. In this way, incorrect operations due to missing or incorrect tube insertion are avoided. Each clamp has also a two-colour, illuminated  dome providing feedback on the bag loading as well as diagnostic functions.

Giotto Monza
Giotto Monza

10 optical detectors in the main press

Fine control of the position of separation layer, and extreme motion accuracy of the press allow the fine-tuning of the buffycoat's and of its hematocrit.

Main press made out of glass

The main press has a posterior, perfectly flat, long-lasting glass plate, which is practically free from wear and easy to clean.  Press  movement  is  electronically  controlled  by  a speed profile divided in up to 5 steps.

Giotto Monza
Giotto Monza

Smooth surface design

Giotto Monza™ has the case with single mould top board and a smoothed  surface for preventing liquid intrusion and for easy cleaning.

Giotto Monza

Giotto Monza

Other features

  • Color Touchscreen Display a redesigned, icon-based user-experience with a powerful animated monitoring interface,
  • Integrated splash guard,
  • Bidirectional data management,
  • 3 built-in scales, including vertical scale for PRP,  PC  or  additive solution; the lateral scale (right) for buffy-coat, PRP, PC or RBC (in T&B process) and the main press scale can be used to  read  manually  the  final  weight  or  the  starting  weight
  • External scale to manage RBC (optional)
  • Built-in RFID antennas,
  • optional bar code reader, handheld sealer
  • Optical Detector,
  • Serial, ethernet & wifi connections.

Giotto Monza

Tech spec

  • Dimensions: 325W x 422D x 420H mm (12,8W x 16,6D x 16,5H inch)
  • Weight: 38 kg ( 83,8 lbs)
  • Power Supply: 100-240 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 300 VA max
  • Line frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Optoelectronic sensors: 5 in clamps (tube in), 1 in OPT1 (top tube), 10 in main press (OPT2)
  • Scales: 3 for single press, 4 for double press, plus one external (optional)
  • Sealing clamps: 5 (1 used as flow regulator)
  • Scales weighting accuracy: 0÷300 g accuracy ±3 g (0÷0,66 lbs accuracy ±0,007 lbs)

  • Average extraction duration (for nominal 450 ml bags): < 45’’ in T&T bags (only Plasma), < 1’30’’ in T&T bags (including transfer of 100 ml of additive solution), < 2’30’’ in T&B bags (depends largely on WB haematocrit and centrifugation)
  • Applied part: no applied part
  • Classification –MDR 2017/745: Class1 Medical Device
  • Class of protection: 1 ( According to IEC 60601-1)
  • NOT available for US Market

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