HemoMix 3

HemoMix 3

Modern blood collection monitor with bidirectional data communication and unique 3D orbital mixing.

Main features

Up to 20 fully customizable workflows

Device workflows can be fully customized via PC while target volume can be easily modified directly from the device during the donation.

HemoMix 3
HemoMix 3

Configure it as you need with LinkMix software

With LinkMix software users can receive data collected during donations from the devices and export them to the LIMS / BECS, Laboratory Instruments Managing Software (DM level) or they can import data related to donations from the LIMS and send the data to the devices during donations (BM level). Data can be acquired using barcodes (barcode reader is optional) or RFID (embedded antennas are optional).

Clear indications for easy room management

HemoMix 3™ clamp has a specific prominent design integrating a top led signal. This allows HemoMix 3 to clearly communicate tis status and be visible from far, making the collection room management more convenient.

HemoMix 3
HemoMix 3

HemoMix 3


3D orbital mixing

hemoMix 3 has 3D orbital mixing tray with programmable motion (patent pending). The unique technology together with programmable pauses and inversion guarantees a superior mixing capability.

HemoMix 3

Other features

  • HemoMix 3™ is AC powered or it can be powered with a dedicated rechargeable battery (option) with capacity up to 70 collections
  • Data can be acquired using barcodes or RFID
  • With RFID the device can automatically read and write data without any opearator action
  • Collection volume can be adjusted between 10 and 990 units. Up to 5 volume preset allow 1-key selection of the target volume.
  • Options for two-way RS485, LAN or Wi-Fi connectivity for networks connecting up to 250 devices
  • Diagnostic codes and/or descriptions of warnings, errors or anomalies, also in graphic terms
  • Automatic tare
  • Semi automatic calibration with an optional reference mass
  • Up to 5 languages for display messages
  • Internal memory can hold up to 999 donations
  • Two-way wireless Wi-Fi encrypted communication protocol
  • CCD or laser barcode reader (optional)
HemoMix 3

Tech spec

  • Dimensions: 351 D x 235 H x 273 W mm (13,8D x 9,3Hx 10,7W inch)
  • Weight: 3,4 Kg without battery (7,5 lbs)
  • Power supply: 115/230 VAC or through 12VDC battery pack (optional)
  • Line frequency: 50÷60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 45 VA max
  • Max collection time: 20 min
  • Accuracy: ±2 units within 10÷199 units; ±1% within 200÷600 units (ml or g)
  • Weighing range: 10÷990 units in ml or g (0,02 ÷2,18 lbs)
  • Battery capacity (optional): up to 70 donations with full charged battery
  • Type of mixing: 3D with central pivot, with programmable motion, with programmable pauses and rotation inversion clockwise/counterclockwise
  • Applied part:Type CF (according to IEC 60601-1)
  • Classification – MDR 2017/745: Class 1 Medical device
  • Class of protection: 1 (according to IEC 60601-1)

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