HemoWeld Battery

HemoWeld Battery

Portable and lightweight, its ergonomic handle is connected to powerful rechargeable battery pack.

Main features

Ergonomic Grip, Spalsh guard

HemoWeld Battery™ is equipped with an ergonomic grip and an integrated splash-guard. The transparent splash guard moves together with the sealing electrode and its shape is trapping the tube into the proper sealing position.

HemoWeld Battery
HemoWeld Battery

Over 1500 sealings in your pocket

Despite the power pack is compact and can fit in most of lab coat pockets, HemoWeld Battery™ provides over 1500 sealing procedures with one charge.

Seal most of standard blood bags tubes

HemoWeld Battery™ can be used to seal most of standard blood bags tubing available on the market, also thanks to anti-spark and overheat protection systems.

HemoWeld Battery
HemoWeld Battery

HemoWeld Battery

HemoWeld Battery

Other features

  • Audio and visual signals indicate the presence of sparks while sealing
  • HemoWeld Battery™ is  easy to use and to clean
  • Over 1500 sealing procedures with fully charged batteries and with standard tubing
  • Each seal is wide and strong, with a notch to facilitate the snap-apart separation of the two parts
  • The sealer is certified as CF for the Electrical Safety Standards and it can be used with the patient/donor still connected to the needle
HemoWeld Battery

Tech spec

Sealing handle

  • Dimensions: 38 x 95 x 216 mm (1,5 x 3,7 x 8,5 inch)
  • Weight: 230 g (0,5 lbs)
  • Cable: 2 meters long (78,7 inch)

Radio frequency generator

  • Dimensions: 161 x 47 x 108 mm (6,3 x 1,9 x 4,3 inch)
  • Weight: 1,2 kg (2,6 lbs)
  • Working frequency: 40.680 MHz
  • RF output: max 80 Watt
  • Batteries: Ni-MH (24 Volt)
  • Capacity: more than 500 sealing procedures with fully charged batteries and with standard tubing
  • Types of tube: standard PVC tubing medical grade from 2,7 to 5,5mm O.D.

  • Applied part:Type CF (According to IEC 60601-1)
  • Classification –MDR 2017/745: Class 1 Medical device
  • Class of protection: 1 ( According to IEC 60601-1)

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