HemoWeld Gun

HemoWeld Gun

Designed to be used both as handheld and benchtop sealer thanks to its high capacity battery and high number of continuous sealings.

Main features

Automated sealing procedure

HemoWeld Gun™ is our first device that automates the sealing procedure, removing the manual stress for the operator in terms of clamping pressure on the tube and RF activation time. This means standardised sales and no side traction on the tubes.

HemoWeld Gun
HemoWeld Gun

Up to 1500 sealings

The device is suitable to seal PVC blood bag tubes and under optimal conditions, a fully charged power unit provides up to 1500 sealing procedures. HemoWeld Gun™ is capable to perform up to 100 seals in a row before overheating.

Easy control

The LEDs on the back of the HemoWeld Gun together with sound feedback provide clear status of the sealing process and immediate communication on any alert.

HemoWeld Gun
HemoWeld Gun

HemoWeld Gun

High quality materials

HemoWeld Gun cap and head are made of CNC alluminium for great durability and ease of cleaning.

Its design allows for quick cap remove without tool for inspection.

HemoWeld Gun

Other features

  • New built-in RF electronics, optimizing power
  • Motor-operated electrode
  • Tension relief safety jaws
  • Integrated splash guard
  • Lightweight power pack with long-life cord
  • Data connection, for log file and settings
  • Plastic transport case (accessory)

HemoWeld Gun

Tech spec


  • Dimensions: 185 x 55 x 150(h) mm (7,3x 2,2 x 5,9 inch)
  • Weight: 688 g with cable (1,5 lbs)
  • RF Output: 60 W max with automatic regulation

Power unit

  • Dimensions: 160 x 50 x 70 (h) mm (6,3 x 2 x 2,8 inch)
  • Weight: 582 g (1,3 lbs)
  • Battery capacity: 25,2 Vdc –2500 mAh
  • Sealing capacity: up to 1500 sealing procedures in optimal conditions with fully charged power unit

Power cord

  • It can be disconnected from the power unit
  • It is made of soft silicone and is 1.5 m long
  • Types of tube: standard PVC tubing medical grade from 2,7 to 5,5 mm O.D.
  • Sealing time: 0,8” ÷ 3” (usually 1,2’’) depending on tubing outer diameter, thickness and hardness
  • Applied part: Type CF (according to IEC 60601-1)
  • Classification MDR 2017/745: Class1 Medical Device
  • ProtectionClass: Internally poweredequipment (According to IEC 60601-1)

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