Next generation cordless sealer that encompasses all the technology in our most compact architecture yet.

Main features

Accuracy and reliability

Prevent product loss with Roma's error reducing automatic functionality. Roma is a one-click device that detects tubing type for consistent high quality sealings.


Designed for speed

With fast sealing executions and a compact cordless design Roma delivers maximum throughput, safety, and convenience in high volume use cases.

Always at the ready

Roma's cradle provides a radically new charging management. Gain two additional seals per each minute that Roma rests in its cradle between operations. And you can do it with peace of mind since Roma comes with a perfected charging profile for maximum battery life.



Stay cool under pressure

Roma's advanced dual fan thermal system activates to keep you running when heavy workloads and hot environs push other sealers to their limit.


Intelligent algorithms behind the highest quality

New intelligent algorithms drive radio frequency technology to produce the highest in quality sealings, regardless of tubing diameter or thickness.


Other features

  • safe to employ while donor is connected to the tubing
  • Removable transparent splash guard for safety and ease of cleaning
  • Led indicator for battery status, user prompts, and identifying anomolies
  • Integrated tube retention,
  • Easy guided tubing placement
  • High quality sealing supported through haptic feedback

Tech spec

  • Dimensions: 133W x 87D x 185H mm (5,2 x 3,4 x 7,3 inch)
  • Weight: 650g
  • RF output: max 70W
  • Charger dimensions: 140 x 75H mm (5,5 x 3 inch)

  • Applied part: type CF (according to IEC 60601-1)
  • Classification - MDR 2017/745: Class 1 Medical device
  • ProtectionClass: Internally powered equipment (According to IEC 60601-1)

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